About Samantha


My name is Samantha and I am an intuitive healer working with Universal Healing Energy.  I first began my intuitive healing journey through the energies of Feng Shui and Geomancy.  Over time I became more interested in less structured and more intuitive connection to the healing energy of our universe.

Following an intense period of personal healing I have been called to remember my own ancient knowledge of working with crystals, channeling universal light and love for healing and using vibrational energy to raise frequencies.

My connection to Crystals has deepened and grown to incorporate an intense understanding of Crystal Grids and Sacred Geometry, which I use to create healing grids and personalised grids that resonate with my clients for their personal healing and alignment.  

More recently I have begun exploring Lemurian and Atlantean systems of healing, this feels like remembering rather than learning and allows me to work very deeply with chakras to activate and heal.  I am excited to share this with you and remember more of my Lemurian healing techniques.  In Ancient Lemuria the highest and purest universal light, sacred symbols, crystals and sound were combined and used intuitively for healing the mind, body and spirit.  

If you are ready to be at a higher level of awareness I can use healing energy for transpersonal chakra activation which is deeply transformative, connecting you to divine realms and putting you in touch with your souls purpose.  Crystal reiki energy is also used for healings that keep your chakras in alignment.

It is my mission integrate these healing techniques into my everyday life, sharing with others the sacred gifts of our wonderful universe.

Practitioner Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing

Feng Shui Practitioner Diploma - Australian Academy of Feng Shui 

Diploma in Feng Shui - Australian College of Environmental Studies

Certificate in Feng Shui & Geomancy - Australian College of Environmental Studies

International Studies in:

Crystal Grid Reiki

Crystal Healing

Atlantean Reiki

Lemurian Light Healing

Animal Healing

Member International Institute of Complementary Therapists - Energetic/Energy Healing

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance AON